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by admin - December 20th, 2010

The RECOMMENDED LUNCH, on the other hand, helps answer your oil deficiency problem. With this diet we begin by eating an “oil food.” It can be a grilled cheese sandwich on whole-grain bread. Or a slice of buttered toast. Or even a soup or broth of some kind.
Green lettuce, green celery, cucumber, and carrot make an easily digestible and nutritious salad. It will provide important minerals and vitamins. If you wish, skip the toast, soup or the grilled cheese sandwich, and drink half of your milk. Then eat your salad. Finish the meal with the remainder of the milk.
Lunch must never contain fruit or vegetable juices, carbonated water or highly rich desserts.
DINNER can be either the best or the worst meal of the day for arthritics. The menu below is a comedy of errors, due to improper positioning of the food. . . .
Typical Dinner (Not Recommended for Arthritics)
Cocktail, beer or wine. Shrimp entree. Iced water.
Small tenderloin steak.
Ice cream.
Dinner (Suitable for Arthritics) Eat your food in the following order:
Cup of soup or broth. Broiled steak, medium rare. Two vegetables, one raw. Apple.
Glass of milk (room temperature or warm) (approximately 800-1200 calories).
The meal NOT RECOMMENDED begins with a beverage. Either the hard or soft kind. Either is a mistake, taken too close to the start of a meal. But sometimes the place where you are eating or your social surroundings force you into a peculiar corner regarding your diet.
Suppose you are eating dinner at some smart hotel or restaurant. You may have to keep in fashion by having a cocktail, beer or some wine to start. Any liquor mixed with soda water or carbonated ginger ale is tremendously drying to oils in your body. If you must have liquor to be polite, ask that it be served neat or mixed with plain water. Beer, and liquor in moderation, is approved—providing you drink it at least ten minutes before your meal.
Next, you enjoy your shrimp cocktail. For arthritics, nothing gained, nothing lost.
By this time, the waiter is back again to show off the fine service of the restaurant. He refills your goblet with iced water. As you wait for the steak course, you pass the time by sipping. If there was any oil at all in the shrimp cocktail or its sauce, the oil now doesn’t have a chance. It is congealed, frozen, and has to be re-emulsified. What’s more, you have filled your stomach with water which can now just lie in wait to drown the value of your coming steak course.
All the vegetables and other foods still to be eaten in your meal will suffer because you are drinking water.


by admin - December 13th, 2010

A bark usually worse than its bite
Croup is a viral infection of the respiratory tract characterized by a hoarse cough (seal-like “bark”) that subsides during the day, and difficulty breathing — especially at night. In addition, there may be a low-grade fever, and hoarseness that may be preceded by a cold or mild upper-respiratory infection.
Because it usually occurs in children under 3 or 4 years of age, and often at night, croup can be an alarming experience for parents. Fortunately, croup can frequently be treated at home and symptoms generally improve within a week or so.
What you can do
open air passages for easier breathing
Expose the child to humidity. Bathroom steam is a good source of warm, moist air. Let the shower run with hot water, then bring the child into the bathroom with you. Shut the door and hold the child on your lap for several minutes in the steamy room.
Moisten the air with a cool-mist vaporizer. Cool-mist vaporizers eliminate the danger of scalding associated with vaporizers that heat water for steam.
Take your child into the cool night air.
If one of these approaches does not bring relief and the child is not worsening, try another approach.
monitor your child’s improvement
Croup is usually relieved with simple home remedies. A more serious, but less common illness with similar symptoms, called epiglottitis, does not respond to these self-care techniques. The child should receive medical attention immediately if epiglottitis is suspected. It is caused by a bacterial infection and generally affects children over 3 years old. Children with epiglottitis have extreme difficulty breathing. They drool and assume a characteristic position with their head tilted forward, chin jutted out, while gasping for air.
Repeated bouts of croup may be caused by an underlying bacterial infection or congenital malformation of the air passages. You can rest easier, however, knowing croup usually disappears by age 7, when the child’s air passages have matured.

Final notes
Due to the alarming cough and the late hour croup often strikes, many parents panic when faced with the child’s first case. Try to stay calm and
begin the self-care steps suggested under What You Can Do.


by admin - September 27th, 2010

Society is basically heterosexist. You occasionally hear parents joke about their child’s future. ‘He could be a doctor, or a lawyer or a builder’, and add, ‘I don’t really care as long as he’s not gay.’ Trouble is, they are probably not joking. The prospect of launching any child into the adult world is daunting enough, without having to face the added dilemmas of a world hostile to anyone who is seen to be not conforming to sexual expectations. From the moment we are born, the assumption is made that we will be ‘straight’. The future is framed in terms of ‘When you get married and ‘When you have children of your own …’ Let’s face it, the survival of the species depends on most of us having babies. Of course, that doesn’t mean society depends entirely on lifelong heterosexual relationships to produce children. Ask any gay parent.

So in a heterosexist environment, families don’t quite know how to cope with non-heterosexual members. That said, the reactions of family members will be as individual as the families themselves.
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by admin - September 27th, 2010

One group that has been largely ignored by researchers is the group of men and women who identify themselves as bisexual. That means that they are sexually attracted to both men and women. The ultimate choice of a longterm partner may well come down to broader social factors. Pauline and Sally had known each other for a few months before they decided to travel abroad together. Sally recalled, ‘Our friendship became more and more intimate over the time we were traveling. We spent twenty-four hours a day together and so we got to know everything about each other. The closeness that comes from having to rely totally on each other in a foreign country was just incredible. We had both dated only men in the past, but after it became sexual with us it added a whole new dimension. We both thought this was the most wonderful relationship we could imagine. That was until we got back home. Pauline couldn’t cope with the reactions of some of her friends and she started pushing me away, but she refused to talk about it. Eventually I just pleaded with her to tell me why. She told me she was in love with me and that I was everything she could possibly want in a partner but I wasn’t a man. The only way I could cope was to leave the country and just distract myself. About a year later I heard that she was engaged. It hurt like hell, but I hope she is happy.’

When asked if any of his clients were married men, one male prostitute answered, ‘Yeah, heaps. They open their wallets to pay me, and there are the photos of the wife and kids.’

Woody Allen looked on the positive side when he said, ‘I can’t understand why more people aren’t bisexual. It would double your chances for a date on a Saturday night.’ But the reality is not so easy. In fact it may even be more difficult to establish a sexual identity than for a person who is exclusively heterosexual or homosexual. One of the problems for people who identify as bisexual is that they may not be entirely accepted by either gay people or the ‘straight’ people. One gay man told me, ‘A lot of people who say they are bisexual are confused. They just don’t want to admit they are gay so they fool themselves.’

Oscar Wilde, the English writer Vita Sackville-West, Eleanor Roosevelt and Marlene Dietrich were all known to have had relationships with both men and women, but high profile bisexual role models were relatively scarce until Madonna decided to make a career out of it. The explicit details of her celebrated and varied exploits made it almost socially necessary to have some ambiguity of sexual preference.

Wendy identifies herself as bisexual. ‘I can have a strong physical attraction to a man or a woman but I feel more of an emotional intensity with a woman, so those are the relationships that seem to work best for me. Trouble is, because I have the physical need for both but the emotional energy for only one, I feel I am constantly having to make a compromise. Some people ask me why I can’t be satisfied with just choosing one or the other. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like you have two quite separate libidos, each with needs of its own, and satisfying one makes no difference to the other.’
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by admin - June 3rd, 2010
The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides substantial assistance through cash and through distribution of commodities to programs designed to improve the nutrition of children. The largest of these programs is the School Lunch which is now available in most of the elementary and secondary schools. The Type A lunch consists of 1/2 pint milk; 2 ounces of meat, fish, poultry, cheese, or alternate of egg, cooked beans or peas, or peanut butter; 2 servings (at least 3/4 cup) of vegetables and fruit; and 1 slice whole-grain or enriched bread or rolls, muffins, corn bread, or biscuits. This lunch furnishes about one third of the recommended allowances.
The Breakfast Program is expanding especially in schools located in low-income areas since it has been shown that many children come to school without breakfast. A breakfast includes milk; fruit or fruit or vegetable juice; bread, biscuits, or muffins; and .cereal. In some situations eggs, cheese, meat, fish, or poultry may be included.
Child-care centers, summer school programs, and camps are also aided by cash and commodity distribution. The Special Milk Program provides reimbursement to defray the cost of milk. Children in schools may purchase the milk below cost or without cost if they are from families with low income.
The WIC Program provides food supplements for women, infants, and children under 4 years who are at high risk and who have limited incomes. Vouchers are issued for the purchase of foods to supplement their otherwise inadequate diets.


by admin - June 3rd, 2010
At least 75% to 80% of your diet should consist of foods in their natural uncooked state. There are numerous studies which demonstrate superiority of raw, living foods, both for maintenance of health and prevention of disease, as well as for the healing of disease. Cooking destroys much of the nutritional value of most foods. Many vitamins are partly destroyed, minerals are leeched (if boiled in water) and all enzymes are destroyed by temperatures over 120°F.
Cooking also changes the biochemical structure of amino acids (proteins) and fatty acids, and makes them only partially digestible. For example, it has been demonstrated recently at the Max Planck Institute For Nutritional Research that you need only one-half the amount of protein in your diet if you eat protein foods raw instead of cooked.
Sprouting is an excellent way to eat seeds, beans and grains in raw form. Sprouting increases nutritional value of foods; many new vitamins are created or multiplied in seeds during sprouting. Sprouting also improves the protein quality in seeds and grains. Some grains and legumes, which do not contain complete proteins, become complete protein foods after they are sprouted.
Another excellent way to increase the amount of raw food in your diet is to eat lots of fermented lactic acid foods, such as homemade sauerkraut, pickles or lactic acid vegetables. Especially for those who live in cold, northern regions, fermenting foods is an excellent way to preserve vegetables for winter use, and not only preserve, but increase their nutritive value — without cooking!
It would be ideal, of course, to eat a 100% raw food diet. This is possible to do if you live in an ideal tropical or subtropical climate, man’s natural habitat, where fresh, natural foods are available year round. In colder, northern regions of the United States, Canada and Europe, a 100% raw food diet would be difficult for most people to maintain indefinitely, although a few nutritionally-well-educated raw foodists are able to do this. A good practical solution, therefore, would be to eat most of your food, perhaps 80%, in the raw, uncooked state. Practically all fruits, vegetables and seeds can be eaten raw. A few vegetables such as potatoes and yams, dried beans and peas, and some grains such as rye, rice, buckwheat and millet, can be used in cooked form; however, cooked foods should not comprise more than 20% of the total caloric intake.
When the Airola Diet is used as part of a therapeutic program in treating disease, usually a 100% raw food diet is advisable, unless it is contraindicated for some conditions.


by admin - May 21st, 2009

There is no specific treatment for whooping cough, but if the cough is severe and causes breathing difficulties, your doctor may recommend that your child be admitted to hospital for close nursing care. Coughing bouts can be quite frightening, both for the child and the parent. Keep your child in a warm room. A humidifier or steam from a kettle can help to loosen the cough. Make sure your child does not get too close to the kettle, or else he can get scalded. Keep your child as quiet as possible, to lessen the chances of triggering off a coughing spell. While your child is coughing make sure that you sit him up in case he womits; this will prevent him from inhaling any vomit. Stay near him or hold him on your lap while he is coughing, to calm him down and reassure him. Make sure your child is getting plenty of fluids, and offer easily digestible small meals frequently.

When to see your doctor

• if your child has a cough that lasts for more than 3-4 days;

• if your child has any of the symptoms described above;

• if your child has a prolonged fever together with the cough;

• if in addition your child complains of a sore ear;

• if your child already has whooping cough and is losing weight or looks dehydrated


Immunisation against whooping cough is effective in preventing the disease and has also dramatically reduced its severity. Make sure your child is fully immunised.



by admin - May 19th, 2009

“Could you get it stuck in there? Can you get stuck together?”

A vagina and penis can never get stuck together. There are a lot of stories about sex that you will hear, and unless they come from someone you love, or from someone who somebody you love told you to listen to about sex, you really can’t believe any of it. These stories are just like ghost stories. Sometimes kids want to scare you or make you think that they know a lot about sex. You know that people who brag don’t really know too much or they wouldn’t have to brag or tell other people how to live.

    ”Is it right if a grown-up touches you?”

Sure, it’s right. Touching is human, but if someone ever touches the private parts of your body, or if they ask you to touch them, you should tell someone you love. They can talk about it with you. If you ever wonder if it’s right, you shouldn’t let it happen until you talk to someone you love. If someone is doing it and telling you not to tell, that means tell someone right away. Anytime someone tells you not to tell, you know something isn’t right. You should never do anything you can’t tell to people you love.

    ”How can you tell if a kid is a queer?”

First, “queer” means unusual, so we are all unusual, because me of us are completely alike. Sometimes, kids mean homosex, the bigger word for what they mean by queer or the words fag” or “gay” or other words like that. But you see, there is no way at all to tell if anyone is anything until you know that person r a very long time. People who say they are homosexual are not ally different from anyone else except in one way. They want to ve someone who is their same sex, what we call gender. Nobody lows why this happens because we really don’t know all about hy we become what we are. It’s just too complicated. We just ive to love who we are and accept people for who they are. Calling imebody any name is just mean and ends up hurting everyone. If you call someone a name, you can be sure you will end up having raieone call you a name, too.



by admin - May 18th, 2009

He thinks I am some kind of sexual perpetual-motion machine. He even tells people that once he turns me on he can’t tum me off. Absurd. I get to a point where stimulation actually hurts. Maybe all those other women can go on forever. I can’t.


I have already discussed the “sexual witch” mythology, and myth seven perpetuates this view of women. Chapter Five pointed out that women have a refractory period, a time when sexual stimulation is ineffective or even painful. Men and women are not different on this issue.

Masters and Johnson state that “there is a major difference between male and female sexual response immediately following orgasm.” They go on to state that only men have a refractory period, but that “all females have the physical capability of being multior-gasmic.” They add, “Men, on the other hand, cannot have multiple orgasm.” This idea is based on the erroneous assumption that, as Masters and Johnson state, “An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm.” The couples, and your own subjective experience, teach otherwise. Orgasms and psychasms exist in varying degrees at varying times. We do not “climax.” Eric Berne writes, “Climax started off as a decent enough word, but it has been so overworked on the newsstands that it now sounds like the moment when two toasted marshmallows finally get stuck to each other.” We have been taught that women can “take a licking and keep on ticking.” They can’t, men can’t, because sexual response is like any other human response. It is cyclical, not phase-specific, unidirectional or gender-determined.

Masters and Johnson state, “From the viewpoint of physical capability, females have an almost unlimited orgasmic potential.” It would seem, then, that until absolute physical exhaustion results, women can experience a machine-gun-like series of orgasms but men have one and then go into “refraction.” Apparently it is men who must pause in sexuality. The women in my group were well aware of this idea, but felt that it was just not true for them. “I guess I could go on and on,” reported one wife. “But I don’t, never have, I can’t imagine how or why, and I gitess my husband could, too. But why? You could take a bath forever, too, but for what purpose?”

If one purpose of marriage is to share a range of activities, of transitional life events, then sex is only one of the many dimensions of life that spouses can experience together, physically, mentally, and spiritually.



by admin - May 18th, 2009

Dr. Carol Gilligan, in her book In a Different Voice, summarized the complex issue of gender roles. She suggests the same-gender caretaker experience of young girls predisposes them toward empathy through the sameness experience, an emphasis on relationship and a fear of desertion and separation. Autonomy becomes problematical for the woman who is so early, so long, and so strongly attached. The different-gender primary caretaker experience of boys results in lack of the “sameness sense,” less empathy, a devaluing of relationship, and fear of commitment and loss of autonomy.

The work of Drs. Pepper Schwartz and Philip Blumstein, in their study of twelve thousand American couples of varying gender orientation, also suggests that men are eroticized and women romanticized. This pattern was present in the report of my couples as well, but the interviews revealed that men knew there was another way to be, but needed permission, help, and support in learning this “other way.” Both genders needed help in stepping out of assignments and into choices.

I found a major difference in my interviews regarding eroticism and romance. It was not true that if one was less eroticized, one was more romanticized. It was also untrue that if one was less romanticized, one was more eroticized. I learned not to ask “Which are you?” in favor of “How much of each are you at what time, with whom, and why?” I found the answer depended as much on what had happened in the marriage as it did on what happened when the sperm met the egg and the genetic relay race began Marriage provides an opportunity for role change, modification, creativity, for what I call “cross-roling,” being a little of everything sometimes.

Ask yourself now how much of your marriage is dictated by “gender junk,” obligatory, involuntary sex role. How much of your marriage is freedom to evolve as self with another person? One husband described his wife as “wanting only sex. She does not want to hold. She wants me on and off. She says that’s how a man should want it.” This wife was trapped by the gender junk that can block intimacy.


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