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by admin - June 19th, 2011.
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A CAT scan is a tubelike X ray that attempts to define the three-dimensional aspects of the bone. At one time, these machines were loud, clumsy, and uncomfortable, with the patient slowly moving through a long tube. With the new technologies, these machines are quieter and more comfortable, with the patient simply lying on the examining table as the scanner passes over him.A regular X ray provides a two-dimensional view of bone; a CAT scan can view slices of bone section by section. By piecing together these sections, the surgeon can get a three-dimensional view of the problem. A CAT scan is useful as a surgical tool in cases of bone cancer because it enables the surgeon to see the extent of the tumor embedded within the bone. Tibial plateau or distal femoral fractures are often scanned to better assess the three-dimensional nature of these injuries.*15\185\2*

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