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by admin - March 29th, 2011.
Filed under: Skin Care.

Know Your Skin’s Enemies
No matter how terrific your skin might be, it has enemies. And they are ruthless. By being aware of those, who the bad guys are and what they can do, you will help to protect your skin from unnecessary harm.

Disaster Drugs for Your Skin
There are indeed times when drugs can work miracles, but very often they can wreak havoc on your skin. Unfortunately, most doctors never mention the cosmetic side effects a particularly medication might have, which is why I’ve compiled the following list. It is not all-inclusive, but should let you know that if a dermatological side effect does occur because of the medication you’re taking, you can at least ask your doctor about the possibility of taking an alternative drug.
Drug                 Possible Cosmetic Side Effect
Amytal                       Skin rash, swollen eyelids, itchy skin
Dalmane                    Rash, flushes
Dexedrine                  Itchy skin, swollen patches
Equanil                     Welts, rash, dermatitis
Librium                      Pimples
Miltown                     Welts, flaking skin, itching
Nembutal                   Rash
Phenobarbital            Rash, itchy skin, swollen eyelids
Placidyl                      Itchy skin, swollen patches
Tetracycline               Sunburn and possible yellowing of skin exposed to sun
Tofranil                     Itchy skin, rash, jaundice
Tuinal                        Can aggravate existing skin conditions
Valium                       Jaundice, rash, swollen patches

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