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by admin - March 16th, 2011.
Filed under: Men's Health-Erectile Dysfunction.

Even closest people when they are making love want to be in their best form, neat and clean so that their love making becomes a beautiful experience. Dirtiness is one of the greatest turn offs in any relationship. Even bad breath may cause disappointment to another partner. Natural body smell of genitals may repel each other.
What type of cleanliness is necessary before sex?
It is better to have all over wash or at least the genital area is made scrupulously clean. Give your teeth a cleaning or use mouth wash if bad smell exists because nobody likes smelling kisses. Certain people prefer perfumes to be sprayed.
Is oral sex more unhygienic?
Yes if your private parts are not clean arid are producing atypical foul smell. To some people oral sex may seem unnatural »and dirty but such feelings are really a reflection of personal feelings and aptitude. As long as both partners are fresh arid clean, oral sex is not more risky than any conventional way of love making: Oral sex can also result in veneral diseases. Woman must not be a patient of leucorrhoea or V.D.
What type of hygienic measures are advised after sex?
Thorough washing of genitals with soap and water will serve the
purpose. But there is no need to leap out of each others arm for this
just after the orgasm.
Passing urine has the additional benefit to flu shout the urethra

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