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by admin - December 20th, 2010.
Filed under: Arthritis.

The RECOMMENDED LUNCH, on the other hand, helps answer your oil deficiency problem. With this diet we begin by eating an “oil food.” It can be a grilled cheese sandwich on whole-grain bread. Or a slice of buttered toast. Or even a soup or broth of some kind.
Green lettuce, green celery, cucumber, and carrot make an easily digestible and nutritious salad. It will provide important minerals and vitamins. If you wish, skip the toast, soup or the grilled cheese sandwich, and drink half of your milk. Then eat your salad. Finish the meal with the remainder of the milk.
Lunch must never contain fruit or vegetable juices, carbonated water or highly rich desserts.
DINNER can be either the best or the worst meal of the day for arthritics. The menu below is a comedy of errors, due to improper positioning of the food. . . .
Typical Dinner (Not Recommended for Arthritics)
Cocktail, beer or wine. Shrimp entree. Iced water.
Small tenderloin steak.
Ice cream.
Dinner (Suitable for Arthritics) Eat your food in the following order:
Cup of soup or broth. Broiled steak, medium rare. Two vegetables, one raw. Apple.
Glass of milk (room temperature or warm) (approximately 800-1200 calories).
The meal NOT RECOMMENDED begins with a beverage. Either the hard or soft kind. Either is a mistake, taken too close to the start of a meal. But sometimes the place where you are eating or your social surroundings force you into a peculiar corner regarding your diet.
Suppose you are eating dinner at some smart hotel or restaurant. You may have to keep in fashion by having a cocktail, beer or some wine to start. Any liquor mixed with soda water or carbonated ginger ale is tremendously drying to oils in your body. If you must have liquor to be polite, ask that it be served neat or mixed with plain water. Beer, and liquor in moderation, is approved—providing you drink it at least ten minutes before your meal.
Next, you enjoy your shrimp cocktail. For arthritics, nothing gained, nothing lost.
By this time, the waiter is back again to show off the fine service of the restaurant. He refills your goblet with iced water. As you wait for the steak course, you pass the time by sipping. If there was any oil at all in the shrimp cocktail or its sauce, the oil now doesn’t have a chance. It is congealed, frozen, and has to be re-emulsified. What’s more, you have filled your stomach with water which can now just lie in wait to drown the value of your coming steak course.
All the vegetables and other foods still to be eaten in your meal will suffer because you are drinking water.

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