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by admin - September 27th, 2010.
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Society is basically heterosexist. You occasionally hear parents joke about their child’s future. ‘He could be a doctor, or a lawyer or a builder’, and add, ‘I don’t really care as long as he’s not gay.’ Trouble is, they are probably not joking. The prospect of launching any child into the adult world is daunting enough, without having to face the added dilemmas of a world hostile to anyone who is seen to be not conforming to sexual expectations. From the moment we are born, the assumption is made that we will be ‘straight’. The future is framed in terms of ‘When you get married and ‘When you have children of your own …’ Let’s face it, the survival of the species depends on most of us having babies. Of course, that doesn’t mean society depends entirely on lifelong heterosexual relationships to produce children. Ask any gay parent.

So in a heterosexist environment, families don’t quite know how to cope with non-heterosexual members. That said, the reactions of family members will be as individual as the families themselves.
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