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by admin - May 12th, 2009.
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The child may sit for hours staring at one object or repeatedly carry out some simple act.

Autistic children may respond poorly to some sounds, ignore others or sit listening to a sound such as music for hours, but with no outward sign of enjoyment.

Because of these factors, the children do not mix well with others. They resist any change in their routines. They often develop a marked attachment to an object and may handle it for hours on end.

Because the child does not develop the normal social and emotional ties with his family there is a great strain on the parents.

There appears to be no cure for autism. Many drugs have been tried, but are of little use. The condition is not due to vitamin deficiency and does not respond to the use of massive doses of vitamins.

Most of the efforts of treatment are directed to teaching and learning. This is difficult as these children seem to resist learning. But we all need some simple skills to manage in society. We need to know what we should and what we shouldn’t eat. We need to go to the toilet, we need to know how and when to wipe our noses. These simple skills about everyday simple problems may take years for an autistic child to learn.


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