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by admin - April 7th, 2009.
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Being a bed-wetter is always upsetting for the healthy, intelligent child, as well as for the handicapped one. Hence, no effort should be spared to cure the child’s problem. A child whose health leaves much to be desired and who may not be so quick mentally has enough to put up with and will feel even more helpless when nothing seems to go right. Bed-wetting also means an added burden to a child suffering from cerebral palsy. So there are sufficient reasons to make use of all available natural remedies to strengthen the bladder and kidneys. In addition to these, the child must be given biological calcium and silica, but only from plants.

In order to treat the various factors involved in bed-wetting, the following remedies are recommended: kidney tea, Cystoforce Bladder Drops, Galeopsis, Usneasan and Urticalcin. The treatment must be supported by an appropriate diet, low in salt and fat. The diet should consist of brown rice and millet, together with vegetables and salads. At the same time a glass of fresh carrot juice should be taken daily. As with all types of liquid, it should be sipped slowly and well insalivated. Train the child to chew well so that the food becomes properly mixed with saliva so as to promote good digestion. No fluids should be given to the child after 4 p.m.

Considerable improvement can be brought about in time through physical therapy. A warm and moist compress of hay flowers placed daily on the lower abdomen stimulates the blood circulation of the urinary organs. From time to time the child should be given a sitz bath with a decoction of hay flowers or horsetail added to the water. But make sure that the child does not start shivering or even get cold. His whole body should be kept warm by covering the tub with large towels, protecting the parts of the body that are not under the water, or by heating the bathroom.


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