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by admin - April 29th, 2009.
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When ideas are presented to us they convey a meaning. But the same ideas may have a rather different, meaning for us according to our state of mind at the time. In our normal mental state we are alert and critical, and ideas that are presented to us carry their logical, meaning. However, when we are very relaxed, and our mind has regressed, the same ideas carry a simpler and more fundamental meaning. This is a rather hard distinction to understand until we have experienced it. And it is not a difficult thing to experience. When we are doing our mental exercises we allow various trains of thought to come to our mind while we are very relaxed and regressed. In these circumstances it comes about that we experience the ideas rather than comprehend them logically. Furthermore, we experience them in a strikingly simple fashion. This is something quite different from the way the idea affects us in our normal alert state; and it is this that allows the exercises to influence us so profoundly.

I will describe various trains of thought which can help us in this way. Remember that these are expressed in a way for our relaxed and regressed mind to use. To our alert mind some of these sequences of thought may seem childish, odd, and repetitive. This may tempt you to reject the procedure as silly. Do not do this. The ideas are not written for your alert mind to evaluate and criticize; they are written for your relaxed and regressed mind to experience. That which may seem childish in our alert state becomes filled with simple and powerful meaning when we are a little regressed.


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