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by admin - April 29th, 2009.
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By now it must be evident to the average reader that the biological approach to arthritis is quite different from conventional practices. As with every new concept and new approach, it takes an unprejudiced and objective attitude on the part of practitioners to be able to grasp and accept the new discoveries. It is natural to be doubtful and even skeptical of something which is contrary to common practice and the accepted line of thought. Moreover, the new biological approach seems to be so down-to-earth simple that for a technologically minded and pseudoscientifically trained, twentieth century space-oriented man it may seem too simple to be true. However, hundreds of medical doctors in Europe have given this down-to-earth, commonsense, nature-cure approach a fair trial. They were soon convinced of its extraordinary merits. Its effectiveness is proven by actual result-producing application on thousands upon thousands of successfully treated patients.

The value of biological treatments was scientifically tested by the Royal Free Hospital in London, England, in 1949. The experiments were made through the initiative of one of the hospital doctors who had seen a successfully treated case of arthritis. The methods used were those employed at the famous Bircher-Benner Clime in Switzerland.

Twelve patients with arthritis, all more or less hopeless cases given up by doctors as not responsive to conventional treatments, were selected to participate in the tests, which were carried out under careful scientific control. The experiment was documented on films taken during the entire duration of the tests, and a detailed report was given in a medical journal.5

The results of the experiment were very convincing. Patients who were considered hopeless cases had remarkably improved and regained the use of their deformed and formerly immobile joints.

One 55-year-old woman was so badly crippled that she could hardly move any part of her body and was permanently bedridden. After less than one year on the biological program, she left the hospital walking without help and without crutches. This case was controlled ten years later (1959) and the patient, now at the age of 65, was found in good health, able to do hard physical labor, such as digging in her garden two or three hours without rest

It is unfortunate, indeed, that it takes such a long time before new discoveries and original ideas become universally accepted and officially endorsed. Millions of sick people suffer because of unwillingness on the part of conservative practitioners to accept and use new, unconventional methods of treatment. It is my sincere hope that this book will spread the knowledge and speed the recognition of biological medicine, both among the members of the healing professions as well as the lay public, and help to free millions of arthritis sufferers from their hopelessness and agonizing existence.


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