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by admin - April 9th, 2009.
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Great care should be taken that someone suffering from Graves’ disease (exophthalmic goitre) and others with an increased heart beat are only exposed to soft harmonious music, which will be of greater benefit to them than fast, exciting sounds. On the other hand, a slow heart that can do with perking up will benefit from a little more movement and rhythm, so as to catch a little of the enlivening spirit.

As with all biological methods of treatment, it is necessary to apply intuition, understanding and feeling. Those who lack such sensitivity and do not have the ability to develop it, should at least be considerate and spare the patient at home or in the neighbourhood from the worst of the blaring noises that go under the name of ‘music’ today. It is sad to see the abuse that has been inflicted on us since radio has been invented.

In summary, try the influence of some healing music with your family, friends and acquaintances, at the same time not forgetting to show consideration for your neighbours and especially those who are ill.


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