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by admin - April 7th, 2009.
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Even more dangerous than the cattle tapeworm, which can reach a length of several metres, is the dog tapeworm, of the genus Echinococcus. It is only about 5-6 mm (lA inch) long but its size bears no relationship to its danger, for this little worm is capable of causing greater damage than the much longer cattle tapeworm. Although called the dog tapeworm, it has been known to infest sheep, goats, pigs and even cattle. When this happens, blisters the size of a walnut form in the lungs of cattle, and in the case of swine, these formations are found in the liver. The Swiss Information Service to Physicians reported that in 1963, for example, 508 cattle and 62 swine brought into the Zurich abattoir were infested with the Echinococcus. As far as domestic animals and pets are concerned, extreme precautions need to be taken, especially with dogs and cats. Adults who are otherwise meticulously clean, are often offended when reminded to be careful when handling pets. They think nothing of patting their pets while eating. But it is unwise to do this. Neither should we allow a dog or cat to lick the hand or the face, because of the danger attached to it. What is more, young animals, puppies and kittens, should be trained not to do so. To minimise the risk of infection, dog owners would be wise to abstain from feeding raw lungs or liver to their dogs. After a long journey, perhaps abroad, check your dog’s faeces, since 7-8 weeks after infection small flecks with thousands of eggs may be seen. You certainly cannot be called over-fussy for taking such proper care and precautions in the interest of your health.


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