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by admin - April 7th, 2009.
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As already stated, fasting is an excellent means of resting the pancreas. Moreover, whatever the patient eats, it is important to ingest small quantities, chew everything thoroughly and insalivate well before swallowing. These are inexpensive ways and means of supporting the pancreas in the healing process. If you feel a slight pain after eating, you have probably had something that did not agree with you, did not chew your food well enough, drank too fast or ate too much. The answer to the problem is in the patient himself; he should watch himself carefully to avoid unpleasant reactions.

Regular deep-breathing exercises, with diaphragm-breathing, practised in the open air are also effective and promote the healing process at the same time. In conclusion, then, breathing exercises, together with a proper diet, warm water therapy and moist hot herbal packs, will help to rectify any condition where the pancreas is weak or upset. Many a serious, chronic ailment can be prevented if its proper function is restored. All it needs is a little understanding and perseverance with the treatment.


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