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by admin - April 23rd, 2009.
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A shortage of different nutrients can reduce your fertility as a couple. And, more importantly, a few simple changes can dramatically improve your chances of having a healthy baby. But how would you actually know if you had a nutrient deficiency?

Most of us are short of time these days. We snatch a sandwich for lunch, often on the move, and maybe have not been eating so well over the last few years. With our food being depleted in nutrients because of the way it has been processed and the impoverishment of the soil it is grown on, the chances are that many of us are deficient in some nutrients.

It is very easy to pick up a newspaper or magazine and read how wonderful zinc or selenium is, and then go out and buy some. But this is a very random approach. It is much better to be tested so that you know you are taking the nutrients you really need. The vitamins and minerals you need for your body to function at its optimum and give you the best chance of conceiving are all dependent on each other in order to act efficiently. For instance, zinc works best when it is accompanied by adequate amounts of vitamin B6 so it is better to take a combined multivitamin and mineral supplement and then add the extra nutrients that you are deficient in.

The other reason for testing is that all the chemicals and other toxic substances we absorb in our daily life can collect in our systems and damage our fertility. We need to check this out too.


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