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by admin - April 2nd, 2009.
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The comfrey plant is a vigorously growing one. Its roots will forage deep down into the subsoil, dredging up the stores of minerals and nutrients often sadly lacking in depleted topsoil. It has been used by farmers to break up new heavy ground before planting foodcrops. After the foliage is ploughed in to decompose and provide rich nitrogen and calcium elements, the slowly rotting roots in their deep beds make drainage channels to allow air and moisture to penetrate. The only drawback is that comfrey is so keen to grow and be of service that any small pieces of root left in the soil will burst again into life and vigour. Surely it is no hardship to have amongst the new crops clumps of this herb, whose prodigality is equalled only by its manifold uses to mankind.

The abundant leaves can be used as a green manure, which is very easy to apply. Simply cut off the spent outside leaves from the clump, drop them around your plants and lightly chop them in with a spade or hoe. Their quick decomposition will free nitrogen and calcium into the topsoil.


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