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by admin - April 28th, 2009.
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Here’s another “incurable” disease that usually responds well to CMO. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is often considered to be a condition in the arthritis family — an inflammatory connective tissue disorder. Unfortunately it can also involve the liver, kidneys, blood, skin rashes, and central nervous system. It is unquestionably an autoimmune disease, and after hearing so many glowing reports of CMO’s effectiveness early on, we expected it to make a major impact on this disease. Many lupus patients respond well with CMO, yet some do not. We still have not found out why that’s so, but we’re working on it. As I keep saying, we have so much more to learn about this marvellous substance.

Lupus was one of the very first diseases that gave us a clue that CMO is a general immunomodulator that could benefit autoimmune ailments other than arthritis. From the very beginning we kept hearing how it relieved so many of the painful symptoms and how it normalized even extremely high blood sedimentation rates.

One male patient in his fifties is a typical example. He suffered with debilitating fatigue, joint and muscle pains, muscular weakness, kidney pains, urinary bladder control, and sleeplessness.

For over ten years his disease became progressively worse. Conventional medications were of little help. Turning to a holistic doctor (Dr Douglas Hunt, MD) for help, he was put on CMO along with a few other nutritional supplements. CMO combined with type two collagen, manganese, proline, and vitamin injections turned his health around in just a few weeks. Melatonin took care of the sleeping problem.

His aches and pains disappeared and his energy levels improved rapidly. He regained muscle strength and control of his urinary bladder. Naturally, his outlook on life brightened considerably as well.

But, unlike overcoming arthritis, this wasn’t a one-shot deal. Continuing treatment seems to be necessary to keep him in remission. And we are finding that continuing treatment may be essential to conquering other “incurable” ailments as well. But that doesn’t necessarily mean taking CMO every day. Often just a few capsules once or twice a week are quite enough, sometimes along with conventional medications as well.


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