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by admin - April 7th, 2009.
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In the past it was thought that being underweight was caused by an insufficient intake of food and that eating too much resulted in obesity. However, there are some people who eat a lot and remain extraordinarily thin, and others who eat very little and still put on weight. Everything, they say, turns to fat!

Meanwhile, research has shown that dysfunction of the endocrine glands, the glands with internal secretions, is largely responsible for both excessive corpulence and thinness. These glands are, primarily, the pituitary, the ovaries, the testicles and the thyroid. Their overactivity or imbalance usually leads to thinness, while their insufficiency (or underactivity) leads to corpulence. It has been observed that removal of the ovaries, or a disease causing ovarian insufficiency, causes a person to put on weight. Obesity following the menopause confirms the truth of this statement. Typical examples are the inhabitants of southern climates. How slim and supple the Italian or the Latin and South American girls are in the early prime of life. But as soon as the glandular secretions diminish, which is usually at a much earlier age in hot countries, they become plump. If the older generation is stout, stolid and comfortable, the reason for this can be traced to the insufficient functioning of the endocrine glands and, more than anything else, the sluggishness of the ovaries. In such cases sitz baths and other therapies which stimulate the ovaries (see below) would be of immense help towards reducing corpulence.


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