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by admin - April 9th, 2009.
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If you have been so infected by a hurried pace of life that it becomes a habit and you cannot even slow down when you should rest and relax, the end result of rushing about will not be what you expect. It will not save time and enable you to relax for longer. If the spare time is not devoted to relaxation but sacrificed to other business activity or intense efforts, do not be surprised to find your interest in work declining.

Our ancestors used to start the day at 4 a.m. in the summer and, as the poet Johann Peter Hebel wrote: ‘The work you do at four in early morning light, will not affect your health and rest at nine at night.’ A working day was not an eight-hour period in which certain work had to be done; but rather, the day was long enough to make work a pleasure and the evening hours a time for ‘recharging one’s batteries’. Because people today want to get more out of life and enjoy it in a different way, all these former pleasures have gone. However, the calculation has misfired. The outcome has not provided a beneficial basis for relaxation. On the contrary, a shorter working week has demanded greater effort from us, often taxing the energy reserves beyond capacity.

An overtired person derives less benefit from a longer period of inactivity than those who work steadily, without hurrying and feeling under pressure, because they prefer to spread their workload over a longer period of time.


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