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by admin - March 11th, 2009.
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As pregnancy advances, with its attendant minor discomforts, many women are concerned that their increased fatness, lethargy, distended abdomen, and pendulous breasts may adversely affect their man’s love. The way a man can reassure his partner is to kiss and cuddle her and to be interested (as he should be) in the continuing pregnancy and the growth, in the mother’s uterus, of their baby. After all, the start of pregnancy was a joint pleasure; its continuation should be shared too!

Their shared experiences can be increased if the expectant father goes with the expectant mother for her antenatal appointment from time to time. This enables him to ask the doctor or the nurse Questions, and to identify more closely with the pregnancy. It is a good introduction to parenting. Some doctors resent the man being there: if this happens change your doctor! It is important for the expectant father to know what is happening and to be reassured that the pregnancy is progressing normally.


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