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by admin - March 24th, 2009.
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Remember most people are combinations of decorating styles. For example you may be a Classic-Town and Country mix. Read both styles in detail and look closely at your bedroom. When you notice things that aren’t either of these styles, choose from one of the styles that is yours as a replacement. The room will seem to come together for you then.

The Classic bedroom is elegant, dignified and controlled, as is the person who chooses it. It is a tailored look that is visually balanced, with no extremes in its presentation.

T he Classic preference can be seen in the choice of tailored bedspreads rather than the soft comfort of a doona.

The way the bed is made tells you a lot about the Classic style too. Everything is straight, level, and immaculately even and neat. Pillows and cushions are placed formally and symmetrically. Piped edging on bedspreads and cushions is typical. There is a classy and neat finish to all decorative embellishments.

Fabrics are of good quality and either plain or with traditional patterns. These patterns are often geometric rather than curved, although traditional florals are sometimes used. Classics always have quality drapes, usually pleated, and usually with a pelmet or draped fabric across the top to give an immaculate finish to the window. Curtains are often elegantly tied back with well made and tailored corded tassels. Frills are not a feature. They are too romantic for a Classic. Wallpaper is often used and is always traditional or understated in pattern and colour.

Colours in fabrics are usually neutrals or muted medium to deep tones of blue, green, dusty pink or burgundy. Sometimes an all-over monochrome look in soft white or ivory is chosen for fabrics, with dark furniture breaking up the colour scheme.

Furniture is either darker classic timbers such as mahogany, rosewood or walnut, or lighter timbers such as western cedar and oak. Its styling is traditional if not antique.

The Classic bedroom is classy and traditional with medium size patterns and medium size accessories. Symmetry is important so you won’t find any unusual abstract patterns or artwork on display. Some may say Classic is boring. Classics would not. They insist subtle, WON’T FIND ANY classy and good quality are the essence of good decorating.

Classic mixes well with other styles, probably because of its balanced and simple styling. As a Classic you could find yourself adding dramatic touches to create the Classic—Dramatic style, or perhaps creating a softer look to give the mix of Classic-Romantic. A popular combination is Classic-Town and Country where texture and country, plant or animal motifs become part of the theme. A certain elegance will be apparent when Classic is combined with another style.

The bedroom of a Classic, whether he/she mixes other styles with it, will always be a visually balanced room, with no jarring elements to upset its symmetry.


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