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by admin - March 23rd, 2009.
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A rapidly expanding reservoir of facts emerging from die leading edge of scientific research is offering intriguing evidence of the mind’s healing power.

We now know that the effect of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and attitudes—including spiritual beliefs—is the largest single influence on the body’s health and well-being. Evidence is rapidly accumulating that by letting go of fear, depression and helplessness, and by replacing them with love, hope and other positive emotions, we can bolster immune-competence and significantly shorten the duration and lessen the impact of a viral infection.

Most of this information has resulted from studies on the link between the immune system and cancer. This is because both cold and flu viruses, and cancer, invoke an almost identical immune response. The same techniques that help the immune system overcome cancer help it to destroy viral infections. And researchers are discovering that psycho-techniques exist through which people are able to overcome terminal cancer.

Back in 1983, for instance, Bill Robertson and Cathie McLeod, both in their fifties, were reportedly undergoing chemotherapy at Scotland’s Edinburgh Western General Hospital. Both had been diagnosed as having terminal leukemia and each had been given only a few weeks or months to live.

But while in hospital they met and fell in love. Each immediately began to feel that life was worth living again. Cathie recalls telling herself, “You’re going to stay alive,” and Bill recalled how he felt new hope surging through his body. Almost immediately, he found himself believing he would beat cancer.

Powered by their new love and hope for the future, both determined to get well. Each made such rapid progress that their leukemia’s were soon in remission. They got married and, recently, both were still fully recovered and entirely free of cancer.

As a result of this, and hundreds of other documented cases in which terminal cancer patients have completely recovered, the mind-body link is now being seriously explored. Large institutions such as the National Institutes of Health and the Office of Naval Research are funding studies to rigorously test the ways by which our beliefs and thoughts can strengthen or weaken the immune system.


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