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by admin - March 23rd, 2009.
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By adopting the precepts of positivism listed below, we can free ourselves from the majority of headaches.

I. I do and acquire only things which will maintain and deepen my inner peace. I cease craving superficial excitement and stimulation. I realize that lasting happiness comes only from contentment and not from things that I buy, do, eat or drink. When I am content and at ease, my body and mind are calm and relaxed and headaches almost never occur.

2. I forgive and release forever anyone I have not forgiven—and I revoke for me. I forgive everyone, everything and every circumstance unconditionally totally and right now!

3. I remain positive all of the time. I accept all the warmth and joy in life but I allow negativity to flow past me and I simply witness it without negatively.

4. I know there is nothing to fear. My headaches will be healed as I let go of fear and as I replace it with unconditional love.

5. I experience only abundance and I am willing to share my abundance with others. For I know that giving and receiving are the same. Whatever I give or lose, I will receive back. (Note: this does not mean yon should “loan” money to financially irresponsible people, including members of your own family.)

6. I love everyone unconditionally, including myself, and I accept everyone the way they are without requiring them to change.

7. I am always optimistic, hopeful, cheerful and positive.

8. I completely let go of the past, and with it all guilt and resentment.

9. I have totally ceased to worry about the future. All my fears about the future are imaginary and all my concepts about the future are sheer fantasy. I am a powerful person and I am completely competent to handle whatever the future may bring. Besides, when the future does arrive, it will have become the present.

10. I anticipate tomorrow with enthusiastic expectations. Good things are going to happen to me tomorrow’ (and also later on today).

11. I live only in the present moment, here and now. Now is the only time there is, for the past is gone and the future is just a fantasy.

12. I choose to enjoy every moment of every day regardless of where 1 am, what I’m doing, bow I’m feeling or who I’m with.

13. I am a hardy person, I am not intimidated by minor discomforts or inconvenience or by physical or mental exertion. I never give up or give in, I always act as if it is impossible to fail.

14. I can heal myself – and f will, I can heal myself from chronic headaches, For healing la to let go of fear and fear based beliefs. I am completely healed, I can’t he tick. Every day in every way I am getting better and better,

15. My birthright is perfect health and perfect health is my normal, natural state.

16. I practice positivism every moment of every day. To be here is joy, to exist is bliss, to be alive is sheer happiness.

17. I act and make choices and decisions only when I am centered, calm and serene. I avoid acting or choosing when I feel emotionally upset.

18. I never use attack thoughts on anyone or anything.

19. I do not expect to be treated with fairness or justice. Both exist only in the eye of a beholder.

20. I accept complete responsibility for my life and for everything that happens to me.

21. I recognize that absolute material security is unattainable. Yet I also know that I will always have what I want when I need it.

22. I always tell the complete truth and I reveal my deepest feelings. I never repress or conceal a negative.

23. I am one with every living thing. I never see myself as separate from others.

24. I always act without anticipating results, without seeking the fruits or rewards of my actions. I act selflessly while expressing love and compassion.

25. I see only the best in everyone including myself.

26. I am content to be wherever I am here and now. I always have everything I need to enjoy the present moment. Therefore my needs and wants are few.

27. I have no desire for praise, attention, fame or recognition or to appear publicly important. I will not do anything merely to win the approval of others. I refuse to experience pride. I always practice humility.

28. I share the good and success that comes to others without any hint of envy. I never compare myself with others or with their accomplishments or possessions. As a result, I am liberated from envy.

29. I can only win when everyone wins.


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