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by admin - March 11th, 2009.
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The period of instability in middle age has been termed the male menopause. The term is based on the fact that women, between the ages of 45 and 55, reach the menopause – which means that their menstrual periods cease. But the menopause has come to describe far more than that. It is used to define the period of hormonal and physical turbulance which precedes and follows the actual cessation of menstruation, for which the more correct term is the climacteric.

During the climacteric in women, certain physiological changes occur. The most important one is the disappearance from a woman’s ovaries of all the remaining egg cells. With their disappearance the ovaries are unable to produce the female sex hormone, oestrogen. This, in turn, leads to the over-production of the pituitary hormones (the gonadotrophins) which regulate the function of the ovaries.

The hormonal turbulence either may lead to, or be accompanied by, emotional disturbances – by feelings of rejection, by depression, and by emotional caprice. The emotional instability is aggravated by society’s stress on youth, by the woman’s belief that with the menopause she is no longer feminine, and by her fear of ageing. Not all women are affected, and of those who are, few are affected to the same degree, or for the same length of time. Most women need to talk about their feelings to a sympathetic listener. Many need more help than this. For example, women who have ‘hot flushes’ are helped considerably by oestrogen hormone tablets. Other women who become severely depressed at this time benefit by being counselled and by being prescribed drugs. Nearly all women reestablish their emotional and hormonal stability after a period of time which varies from six months to several years. They have passed through their menopause.


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