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by admin - March 24th, 2009.
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The Classic personality is conventional, controlled, but does like a touch of the dramatic to excite them. She or he likes to be treated with style. An elegant and classy restaurant is preferred – everything about a good restaurant, such as the way the menu is designed, the quality background music, the decoration of the table, the behaviour of the waiters and waitresses, fits with the Classic’s idea of charming behaviour. Deference and consideration are very important. No noisy arguments, no clatter from the kitchen, life should be sweet and charming.

The Classic person prefers to know what the ritual is going to be. They don’t particularly enjoy surprises because they like everything in its right place, including sex. Sex is to be savoured, not rushed. Classic women and men are detail conscious. They love to be appreciated and adored for themselves, their organisational skills and their well functioning life. Control of all things keeps them happy. They don’t aim to control their partner, merely to understand what is going to happen next, so in their mind everything is neat and tidy.

Meaningless sex is difficult for them. Being reserved, loving and affectionate, they respond to tenderness and sincerity in their loving relationships. Respect is an important aspect of their sex life.

What can you do to seduce the Classic woman? Take her to that stylish restaurant. Entertain her with style, wearing colour coordinated, appropriate tailored clothing. Bring her flowers. Tell her how elegant she always looks. Have soft music in the background. Ensure your bedroom is neat and tidy and smells fresh. Good champagne with lovely glasses to take to the bedroom, interesting sex using more than the missionary position in bed, and an unusual breakfast the next morning will impress her.

Don’t expect her to get her fingernails dirty. Camping is not a good getaway for this woman who wants to have a hair dryer handy as well as her make-up, and a bed which can be straightened each day.

And remember not to look messy in bed the next morning. She won’t. She will creep out of bed to do her hair, clean her teeth, Perhaps even put on very light and natural make-up. Keep up to her standards. This is a feminine woman, in fact sometimes quite demure and modest.

When your purpose is to seduce the Classic man, remember he is elegant, sophisticated and poised. He likes a little drama and excitement in his sex life, but done tastefully. Begin the seduction process by taking him to a lovely restaurant, or with a formal dinner for two at home, even complete with silver candelabra and classical music. Love and commitment are important to the organised male. Be sure to take care of the little things when planning a seduction. Make sure there are no loose ends, because if you don’t see them, he will.

Good news: still waters run deep.


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