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by admin - March 30th, 2009.
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Uterine and Ovarian Problems

For uterine haemorrhage or bleeding:

Shepherd’s Purse herb

Decoction of the fresh or dried plant: 1/2-1 cup every 15-30 minutes until the bleeding is checked (in most cases bleeding is arrested after the first or second cupful)


3 parts Stinging Nettle herb

2 parts Cinnamon bark (powdered)

Infusion: 1/2-1 ñèð every 15-30 minutes until the bleeding is checked

For uterine or ovarian pain and dysfunction:

5 parts Cramp Bark

2 parts Motherwort herb

2 parts Raspberry leaf

1 part Ginger root

Combined decoction and infusion: 3 cups per day

Vaginal Disorders

For irritation and inflammation of the vagina:

3 parts Chickweed herb

1 part Marigold flowers

1 part Plantain leaves

Infusion: apply as a lukewarm douche 2-4 times per day

Marshmallow root or Comfrey root

Decoction: apply as a lukewarm douche

Blackberry leaves

Decoction or infusion: apply as a lukewarm douche

For vaginal pruritis (itching):

Chickweed herb

Ointment: apply directly as required

For leucorrhoea (‘thrush’ or ‘whites’):

Blackberry leaves

Plantain leaves

Raspberry leaves

Yarrow herb

Infusion of any of the above, alone or in combination: apply as a lukewarm douche

An easily-prepared home remedy for leucorrhoea is to make up a mild (i.e. well-diluted) solution of either yoghurt or vinegar. This is then applied regularly as a lukewarm douche.

For clear vaginal discharge:

Sage leaves

Infusion: apply as a lukewarm douche (also take the infusion internally: 1/2-1 cup 3 times per day)


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