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by admin - March 11th, 2009.
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Rapacious, insensitive people find the elderly, who are suffering from the degenerative diseases and who have a negative attitude to ageing, easy victims. Quacks and tricksters have battened on to the old, relieving them of their money, but not of their complaints, for centuries. They still do. Beware of them and their nostrums. There is no drug, compound, or nostrum which will prevent the ageing process; but each decade or so, a new prophet arises who claims, quite erroneously, that his method will prevent you growing old.

The most recent method has been injections of live sheep embryo cells, popularized by Dr Niehans. The sheep embryo cells are supposed to transfer their nuclear material, DNA, into your cells where, by recombination, it converts them into young cells. There is no scientific truth in the claim: cellular therapy only works by convincing you that you are as young as you feel, not as old as you look. It is an expensive way to learn this truth. Nor is there any value in the vitamin compound provided by worker bees to keep the queen healthy and long-lived. Royal jelly may help in the hive but it does nothing to the human. It does not remove wrinkles from the face, nor does it tighten slack skin, but it does remove the money from your wallet. That is all! Nor does Gerovital, or KH3, which is basically the local anaesthetic, procaine, help much, except perhaps psychologically – as it may reduce depression.


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