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by admin - March 24th, 2009.
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This is our first interest. We glance and then look more closely at the details of the person in our sights. Since all of us have a ‘wish list’ of preferred appearance locked away in the subconscious, this is the time we check through the possibilities. At heart we are flexible, but we all have some appearance criteria which must be met – fat, thin, plump, well-muscled, short, tall, a certain age, a certain intelligence level, reserved or outgoing and so on. Some of you may say that you don’t choose someone by such criteria, as personality is more important. Yes it is. Yet deep down you know what you like the look of. You have had the experience of a physical and chemical attraction to someone before and stored the information away, ready to be retrieved at any time.

If you develop desire for someone who has one major visual annoyance for you, you will accept it initially since there are more important things on hand. You know that you shouldn’t judge someone on looks alone. But when the glory and the passion of desire has waned, the physical annoyance may haunt you and may well cause unhappiness. A word of common sense. When you fall in love, make sure from the beginning that the look and presence of your beloved takes your breath away.

Perhaps not someone else’s breath, because we are not all looking for movie stars as partners, but your breath.

Then those looks and those feelings will warm you on cold nights and comfort you when your beloved is away.

Why are we attracted first by appearance? Because that’s where all primates receive their sexual clues. Primal urges flow strongly. What do our closest primate cousins, monkeys, do when wanting a partner? They examine closely and sniff out a rear end of utmost fascination. At backside level any male monkey can tell if the object of his desire is female and is ready to mate.

Fortunately, men and women don’t show off backsides in that way. We walk upright, but according to zoologists, we have compensated for not having an exposed rear end by developing a new kind of appearance. The rump muscles became better developed so we could walk tall. This meant the backsides of both men and women became muscled, rounded buttocks, something no other primates have.


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