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by admin - March 24th, 2009.
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Texture is not a feature. A doona is mostly used, although sometimes a bedspread with simple and uncomplicated styling is preferred. The look is smooth, not soft and fluffy. Fabrics are simple and plain, with solid colours or abstract geometric patterns, or with bold checks or large spots. Small prints or florals do not feature in a Contemporary bedroom. Rather than curtains, Contemporaries prefer bare windows or just a blind for privacy. If curtains are used they are simple and plain.

Colours are bright and make an individual statement, in blues, turquoises, pinks, oranges, yellows and reds. Sometimes the theme is black and white, maybe with an accent of one of the bright colours. In others there could be a geometric print using combinations of several brights. The overall look is usually light, bright and open.

Minimal decoration is the choice of Contemporaries, so one or two large, individual art pieces or sculptures on display at any one time is usually the norm. Contemporary is not cluttered or busy-looking. It is a sparse and simple form of decoration with furnishings which make their own individual statement. Although similar in some aspects to the Dramatic style, the Contemporary look is more casual, light-hearted and fun.

Accessories in a Contemporary bedroom are few,- the design of the furniture and its placement create the interest. Lamps are simple, possibly geometric and angular in shape, or unusually curved. Lights attached to the wall are preferred. Nothing appears in these bedrooms unless it is there as part of the design of the room. There are no accidents. Placement for line, colour and design is all important. Mirrors also have simple frames and photos are not on display unless in an unusual frame which fits with the whole design of the room. Sometimes Contemporary style bedrooms have one or more large pot plants as part of the decor.


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