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by admin - March 27th, 2009.
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Women who have sex with other women are also at risk of becoming infected with STDs in the ways that any person could become infected, such as receiving a transfusion of a blood product that was not adequately screened for infection, sharing injection drug works, and receiving tattooing or body piercing with unclean equipment.

The reality is that adequate data have not yet been reported on the frequency of STDs in lesbian women—how often transmission takes place and how likely transmission is with each type of sexual practice. Studies of these questions are currently under way, but in the meantime this type of information must be extrapolated from data from heterosexuals and from the few studies of gay women that have been done. We do know that lesbian women have a high rate of bacterial vaginosis (BV) infection between sexual partners and that BV may be a sexually transmitted infection among them, which is not the case among heterosexual women. In one study, 18-29 percent of lesbian women who had not had sex with men within the last year were found to be positive for BV and about 73 percent of the sexual partners of these women were also positive for the disease.


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