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by admin - January 3rd, 2011.
Filed under: Cardio & Blood-Cholesterol.

Many of those with heart trouble sleep badly. This is mainly due to worry which, in the first instance, may be about their ailment; this tendency is widespread among cardiac patients. However, within a short time the situation is aggravated by anxiety about insomnia, and then normal sleep may become impossible. (In passing we should note that the so-called ‘sleep’ produced by sleeping-drugs bears little or no relationship to natural sleep. Whereas in natural sleep a tremendous amount of repair, maintenance and readjustment occurs, both in the physical body and in the mind, in drugged unconsciousness there is a more or less complete absence of these activities. The individual awaking from natural sleep feels refreshed; on regaining consciousness from drugged sleep the person is literally, dopey.)
Despite an enormous amount of experimental evidence, gathered with the help of ingenious electronic equipment in recent years, there remains an almost total general ignorance about the true nature and function of sleep. What naturopaths discovered by simple observation some sixty years ago has been confirmed and analysed by modern techniques, but the practical application of that knowledge is still sadly limited. The subject as a whole is too vast even to outline here, but several aspects may be briefly mentioned, as of fairly direct concern to the cardiac patient.

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